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Zdravilišče Radenci

Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci is home to a unique mineral wellness centre, based around its CO2-rich mineral water. In addition to its mineral water, the wellness centre prides itself on three additional natural healing factors – the thermal water that fills the indoor and outdoor pools of the thermal oasis, the beneficial fango mud used in its wellness treatments, and a favourable climate with more than 250 sunny days a year. Your heart is calling for a vacation at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci!

  • More than 140 years of health resort tradition
  • Mineral water spring, rich in CO2
  • Mineral Wellness centre
  • Thermal Oasis, connected to the hotels
  • Health Centre for treatment of cardiovascular diseases
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Zdraviliško naselje 12,
9252 Zdravilišče Radenci,

Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci

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Two queens - mineral and thermal water

Two queens - mineral and thermal water

Natural thermal and mineral water are the two greatest natural gifts of Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci. Each with its own beneficial effects, they pamper our guests, who love the embrace of the waters’ soothing bubbles. Thermal water fills the pools of our Thermal Oasis, whereas the CO2-rich mineral water can be found in the baths, inhalations, and drinking treatments.

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The Henn drinking treatment

The Henn drinking treatment

Why not try the Henn drinking treatment during your stay at Zdravilišče Radenci? Every day, treat yourself to a few glasses of the rich natural mineral water that you can get straight from the oldest spring in Radenci and enjoy its beneficial health effects.

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Thermal Oasis

Thermal Oasis

The Thermal Oasis, which is connected to the hotels, offers guests water fun and relaxation. You can enjoy 10 indoor and outdoor pools with underwater massages and strong swim current. You can also spice up your experience by visiting the saunas and Kneipp pool at the world of saunas.

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The home of Mineral Wellness

The home of Mineral Wellness

Whether it’s drinking treatments, mineral baths, inhalations with mineral water, or saunas with ice formed from mineral water, each of these unique services has its own beneficial effects on your well-being. Coupled with thermotherapy and swimming in thermal swimming pools, mineral wellness is a part of the holistic approach to well-being offered by Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci.

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More about the Health Centre

More about the Health Centre

Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci is a renowned centre for the rehabilitation of cardiovascular patients, and an established diagnostic centre where we help patients recognise and alleviate the consequences of long-term stress for the development of heart conditions.

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Prlekija cuisine and the healthy diet programme

Prlekija cuisine and the healthy diet programme

In our hotel restaurants, we pamper guests with local Prlekija cuisine, which consists of hearty homemade dishes made from local and fresh ingredients. With the Make a Healthy Choice programme, which we set up with the help of a renowned nutritionist, we also accommodate those who value healthy food options.

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