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Sava Hotels & Resorts

Why choose us?

Because we create experiences with you in mind

As Slovenia’s largest tourism company and creator of the best, most diverse tourist experiences, we have been providing excellent services and innovative products at all our destinations for decades. These destinations are linked by a variety of experiences and unique waters, stretching from the fertile, magical, mysterious plains of Prekmurje, through the mighty but accessible Julian Alps, to the relaxing Slovenian coast. 
Our aim is to continue to delight and to keep our guests satisfied, so that they return again and again.

Why choose Sava Hotels & Resorts?

Sava Hotels & Resorts is the largest tourism group in Slovenia

7 destinations in the most beautiful places in Slovenia
17 hotels
6 apartment and bungalow villages
4 campsites
2 glamping sites
1 mobile home village
Almost 3000 rooms, 1400 camping pitches and 24 glamping units
5 water and thermal parks
13,418 m2 of water surface
85 swimming pools
23 waterslides
69 restaurants and bars
10 wellness centres
3 health centres
64 conference rooms and 1,300 events per year
1 golf course
Almost 1,200 employees
More than 600,000 satisfied guests per year

Experience the beneficial waters

Our pools and baths are filled with thermo-mineral, mineral, and spring waters with a variety of beneficial effects. You can enjoy a CO2-rich mineral bath, thermal spring water (the warmest thermo-mineral water in Slovenia), or the mineral-enriched “young sea”. 

Enjoy the green views

Our accommodation facilities are in prime locations and offer unforgettable views. Watch the romantic autumn mists over Lake Bled. Open the window of your hotel in Portorož and you’ll almost be able to touch the sea with your hand. Experience the picturesque backdrop of Ptuj Castle, or take in the view of the caressing, tranquil Pannonian plains.

Get to know local traditions

Slovenia is bursting with local stories that we love to tell our guests. Why did people start gifting each other gingerbread hearts in Bled? What were the witches cooking up in the Radenci area? What dishes are served on New Year’s Day in Prekmurje? Which tree is the symbol of Slovenian Istria? Discover a wealth of local stories through the architecture, facilities, and services of our vacation spots!

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