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Kremšnita - The Original Bled cream cake

70 years of sweet pleasures with the one and only – »kremšnita«!

A visit to Bled just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t treat yourself to an Original Bled cream cake. Tasting it is an unforgettable experience. Start by piercing the crispy crust with your fork and then dig into all four layers at once. That divine taste! A crispy crust with a combination of heavenly fluffy custard and cream. Add to that the most beautiful view of Bled’s most celebrated sights – the lake, island, and castle – and there can be no greater pleasure!

  • A dish with recognised national origin
  • Only natural ingredients, without colorants and preservatives
  • Over a period of 70 years, almost 16 million Original Bled cream cakes have been served
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Kavarna Park, Cesta svobode 15 ,
4260 Bled,

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